About Me

I grew up in a small country town in southern Ohio, and the country is where my heart lies. After discovering Ray Bradbury and Robert E. Howard, and then Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot in the fifth grade, I was hooked on reading fiction forever. Then, in the the early nineties, I got joyously lost in Joe R. Lansdale and Robert McCammon's work. I reckon 'round about the late nineties I decided writing short stories was something more to me than just playing around. And in 2011, I really decided to make a go at fiction writing.I've been influenced as much by music as anything--particularly Waylon Jennings, along with Johnny Cash, AC/DC, and various other "outlaw" country and rock and blues artists.

My debut book, a short story collection of 23 tales called Back Roads and Frontal Lobes, is available through Post Mortem Press. You can also get it from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, of course. It's available in trade paperback, or get it on Kindle or Nook.

I've published numerous short stories in horror, crime, and literary journals in the U.S., England, and Ireland, and I teach creative writing, composition, and Literature at Wright State University.

I live with my two daughters (and write) in the small river city of Dayton, Ohio (less than an hour from where I grew up), in the suburbs, very close--too close--to the neighbors (though there're some nice folk). I miss the country and want enough room to hit baseballs in the backyard, and I love Reds baseball on a transistor radio, fried chicken and frog legs, and the lonesome wail of a train in the dark of night.

I'm working on longer forms now, too (novels and novellas) and am still hard at work writing, submitting, and publishing short stories, mostly "weird tales" in the genres of horror, dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic/dystopian, crime, road story, sword and sorcery/fantasy, and soft sci-fi, though I also enjoy playing with surrealism, magical realism, existentialism, dark comedy, fantasy, noir and hardboiled, Western, any other "way out there" stuff, and even some good ol' gritty or kind-of-odd realism.