Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Back Roads and Frontal Lobes will be released by Post Mortem Press around the end of September. The collection is a mix of previously published work and new, never released stories. Here's a sneak peek at the book description and a look at the entire table of contents:

"These 23 short tales take you along dark, unlined roads and into dark minds less traveled. Held together by themes of isolation and loneliness, existentialism and hope, and choice versus fate, and at turns both disturbing and darkly comical (while often tinged with sadness), this collection of stories explores both speculative fiction and realism: horror and dark fantasy, road stories and crime, dark drama and soft sci-fi, and surrealism and magical realism."

Slow Mary
Not Over Easy
Devil and Dairy Cow
Back Roads and Frontal Lobes
The Last Mystical Vendor
The Taste of a Heart (a Rose Holmes Story)
Six Miles from Earth (a Rose Holmes Story)
Bear Hogan Walks the Sky
Small Square of Light
As It Lives and Breeds
Mama’s Boy Blues
The Ballad of Mac Johnstone (a Bluesmen Story)
Blues Bus to Memphis (a Bluesmen Story)
Road Kill (A Love Story)
Shits and Giggles
There Are No Hills
Porno Psalmody
The Bag is Empty, the Bag is Full
The ’Ists after the Apocalypse
Rounding Third
Remembering Grambo


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